Meet Our New GM 0

Hello, member-owners! My name is Lisa McNett. I was recently hired by our Board of Directors to help manage the co-op. I have been a member since the co-op’s inception and am extremely excited about my new role as General Manager. To tell you little about my background, I’ve spent many years in the hospitality […]



Keepin’ it Local Feature: Micanopy Maiden 0

Apparently, kombucha is not just for hippies. For months, it’s held on strong as top selling item at the co-op and people from all walks of life are sipping on this magical ancient fermented tea. Due to its popular demand and to help her keep up with production, we are currently the only retail location […]

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget 0

Buy in bulk!  One of the greatest advantages of shopping at the co-op is that our bulk offerings are unmatched. From spices to quinoa to lotion, oils, and Dr. Bronner’s Soaps you can save quite a bit by filling up jars from home. Purchasing items from the  bulk section allows you to get as little […]


Artwork by Tom Hart

Price Comparisons 0

The Co-op has received lots of great feedback since we opened our doors last year – shoppers have praised us for a well-designed store, our vibrant produce selection, and the abundance of locally made goods. One concern we hear quite frequently is that people feel the Co-op is too expensive. Over the past month, we […]